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Let Dominic Kanaventi assist your growing business with his knowledge and expertise in SEO. Get your business marketed professionally to consumers looking for your service or product. Dominic understands how consumers find brands, products or services online, you need to know what they are looking for, and how they eventually land on the web pages that satisfy their needs online. Your business plan needs to know the steps that customers take to come to a buying decision; the process that leads them to the purchase. Contact Dominic Kanaventi and consider the following:

What is it that makes them purchase from the first seller/manufacturer they come across?
And what is it that makes them search for an item at a website, and then hastily abandon that to click down the page at further entries?

The answer: Keywords 2016

Today, a business that does not carry out good keyword research in order to understand how customers are searching for its brand or product is likely to find itself at the bottom of SERPs (search engine report pages).
Today’s business success depends not only upon the use of multitudes of keyword-laden content, but on understanding current techniques and technologies involved in the science of online search, or **SEO 2016**.

Keywords can help us understand what a competitor might be doing to attract customers but it is vital that the business adds value to its lead generation tactics by targeting specific groups of words, both by brand, and by product or service, where the brand might be recognized by its business or manufacturer’s name, e.g. Mercedes-Benz; and the product by how it is generally categorized, e.g. SUV. sedan etc.

Proper keyword research has become a crucial component in understanding competitors: Why should customers purchase from a competitor than from a particular business when the product offered could be better and perhaps more price competitive in the market?

One simple reason could be that the competitor has a pretty cool hook to bait more customers than you. You probably have the same tool but aren’t using it effectively, and that hook is, “Keyword efficiency.”

Let’s consider what we need with keyword efficiency. 

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